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Hosting An Unforgettable Mother's Day Brunch

We celebrate Mother's Day every year, but that should never make us complacent when celebrating our first love, our Mothers. So why not shake things up this year and make your mother feel extra special? It's never too late to say, "I love you" and "thank you," and what better way of expressing those statements than showing your Mom you've spent time and thought, making this one Mother's Day one she will not soon forget! Below we have some fun and unique ways you can celebrate your Mom this year by hosting a Mother's Day Brunch she will hold onto in her heart forever!

Make A Mom Garland

Nothing brings happy tears to a mother's eyes than seeing herself with her beautiful children over the years! And no better way to display this than with a Mother's Day garland! Here are the steps to do so...

1. Print out a bunch of your favorite pictures with Mom over the years.

2. Glue one picture each to the front and the backside of card stock.

3. Punch holes with a hole punch on the cardstock's top right and left corners.

4. String ribbon, yarn, or twine through each hole and slide to the end of the string (leaving about a foot in length).

5. Repeat steps for remaining photos.

6. Hang it up to display for your Mom's enjoyment and journey with her as she reminisces!

Cook For Your Mother

Does your Mom have a favorite dish for brunch that she always makes or enjoys devouring? Then, why not exchange the favor and treat your Mom to that particular and yummy dish she always makes for everyone else. Or if your Mom likes something different and you want to surprise her, we have included a few tested and tried dishes here. (And don't forget the Mimosas!)

Play Your Moms Favorite Music

Nothing sets the mood like music! So take time to create a playlist with all your Mom's favorite tunes to be played during the brunch! You can even share it with her after the brunch so she can take it home and enjoy it again and again! This will get a smile on your mother's face, and maybe some dance moves to be exposed she's been hiding away ;)!

Plan To Take A Family Picture

Push to have the whole family attend! Inform them ahead of time that you will do what every mother longs to have done, an updated family picture! Maybe choose to wear all the same color (except for your Mom), so Mom is the one who stands out most in the beloved portrait and feels like the center of the family.

Have Your Mom's Favorite Flowers

So, we have the photos, food, music, and gift (the family picture); we are missing one more thing! Drumroll, please?... The flowers! For the finishing touch, let's not forget Mom's favorite flowers! The addition of your Mom's favorite flowers will make your home look even more cheerful and bright, with a beautiful aroma as a bonus! Want to impress your Mom one step more? Attach a tag with a ribbon around each vase with words of endearment to your Mom! This will let her know that these flowers are for her with love!

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