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How To Transform Your Backyard Into Your Favorite Vacation Destination!

Everyone needs that place to get away to and feel a sense of reprieve, rest, and joy! But with the rising travel costs, it is becoming more and more difficult to "get away" to enjoy family time, along with a bit of rest and relaxation. Therefore, there is no better time than the present to make your backyard your favorite "vacation destination"! Sure, a trip to Fiji can stay on your "bucket list" of places to travel to, but with a backyard for all to enjoy, you can patiently wait for that trip to become a reality.

Below, you will find fresh and exciting ways to transform your backyard into your own retreat, filled with fun, relaxation, and joy for all ages! In fact, your new backyard may even just become your new favorite part of your home and just the "vacation" you've been looking for!

SHADE, shade, and more shade, please!

Any shade or "covering" is good for beating the heat in your new retreat! And there are many options, from planting large trees or using oversized umbrellas to installing a patio cover or a gazebo! Of course, you choose the look you want that fits your spot and fits into your budget. But ample shade is a must for you, your family (and maybe guests) while enjoying your spot of relaxation and reprieve. You may even want to take it further to enjoy the shade by including a hammock under a chosen shady spot! Located below are some options you may be interested in!

  • Extra-Large Patio Umbrellas, click here

  • Pergolas, click here

  • Trees! Good for you and good for our environment! Here are the top 4 shade-producing and fastest-growing trees for a California landscape. To learn more about each of the trees listed below, click here!

  1. Camphor

  2. Podocarpus

  3. Magnolia

  4. Mulberry

  • Click here for more great shade ideas!

Fire-pit sitting area

A backyard "getaway" needs a spot where people can gather, enjoy a glass or two of their favorite beverages, and converse. With this, you may be surprised that the kids will come out of the house and join you around your "ring of fire" to make a few s'mores and maybe tell a ghost story or two! Make sure you have enough seating because this is one of the most favorite spots in your new beloved backyard. The memories you make around the fire pit will bring some much loved and cherished memories you will forever hold onto! Click here to view a few ideas that might help you get inspired!

Backyard fun

Nothing can bring family and friends together like a friendly competition with yard games and swimming pool play! You may even want to impress your neighbors with a monthly movie night in your backyard! Below are some favorites you might want to consider!

  • Corn Hole, click here

  • Ping-Pong Table, click here

  • Bocce Ball Sets, click here

  • Games for Swimming Pool play, click here

  • Movie-night here we come! Click here for the perfect backyard movie night setup!

Water features

Ahhh, the tranquil sounds of water are enough to soothe any amount of stress the day can bring! Adding water features to your backyard will also help eliminate unwanted neighborhood noises! According to The Ground Guys, "Water features provide soothing sights and sounds that help promote relaxation and de-stress. Through relaxation, you can lower your blood pressure and improve physical and mental health..." Your added "water feature" can be anything from a waterfall to a koi pond or even a water rill running through a portion of your yard! You can add various water features to your yard for any space!

Click here to find some fantastic ways to add the element of water to your backyard. (As a bonus, maybe even consider adding a wind chime to bring forth your inner zin!)

The aroma of flowers

You're now sitting in amazement at your new backyard retreat! With the comfort of shade, trees that birds can nest in, and the tranquil sound of water and wind chimes when your nose simultaneously catches a scent of freshness, beauty, and sweetness! Where does this natural perfume arise from? The beautiful flowers you have planted, of course! Click here to view some California favorites that are great for a pleasant aroma and to bring on the butterflies too!

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