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Kitchen Tools that Make Meal Prep Simple

Time spent in the kitchen is almost always well worth the results at mealtime. But why spend more time in the apron than necessary when you could be spending time with the family or just relaxing. These five culinary accessories are designed to streamline the chef’s experience and help minimize food preparation and cleanup.

1. Food Processor

Considered a staple in any kitchen, a food processor is a wonderful countertop appliance that can accomplish countless culinary tasks quickly and efficiently. Most food processors come with an assortment of blades and accessories that allows cooks to chop vegetables, blend creamy fillings, make smooth sauces, grind, puree, shred and slice many kinds of foods. There are models that allow for mincing meats, kneading dough and even making juice. A food processor makes eating fresh, homemade foods a breeze.

2. Pressure Cooker

The electric pressure cooker is a long treasured appliance in kitchens around the globe—and for good reason. Not only can it replace other space-hogging tools like crockpots and rice cookers, but a good quality pressure cooker will cook an array of healthy foods (and even treats) far more quickly than traditional methods. Pressure cookers cook rice, pastas, beans, potatoes, meats, and specialty models are often designed to tackle tasks including boiling eggs, making yogurt and sautéing food. Craving oatmeal or a dessert like bread pudding? It can be whipped up quickly in a pressure cooker.

3. Air Fryer

Get fresh-out-the fryer crispy results without dealing with the mess and risks of grease. Not only will an air fryer provide the same results of a traditional oil fryer, but the foods that result are far healthier. Air fryers uses superheated air that circulates around the food in an extra-hot cooking chamber that penetrates foods from the outside in. Whip up crispy battered meats and vegetables and even a few cleverly chosen desserts without smelling up the house or creating a big mess of grease spatters with an air fryer. Some models even come with side ovens, making them a compact countertop appliance well worth the space.

4. Salad Spinner

Salad spinners are commonly used in commercial kitchens, and you should add one to your kitchen gadget collection, too. These wonderful machines are a simple two or three piece design that consists of a bowl, colander basket and lid with a handle crank. More than just a spinning device to dry out greens, veggies, pastas and fruits, spinners can also wash these foods with ease. Fresh herbs, mushrooms and tender foods will be protected, so less bruising and waste results.

5. High-Powered Blender

Most commonly recognized as the ultimate smoothie and milkshake maker, a quality high-powered blender can do far more than blend creamy drinks. This appliance can be used to make nut butter, sauces, soups, dips and even churn out fresh cream. Need to grind oats, quinoa or transform cane sugar into powder? No problem with a high-powered blender. As a bonus, the high speed of the motor gets warm enough to heat and cook certain foods as they blend.

Go ahead and treat yourself to these kitchen essentials, and streamline your culinary experiences in your new abode.

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