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Summer Ideas With The Kids That Won't Break The Bank!

Our kids (as well as us parents) have worked hard all school year, and the beloved season we've been waiting for is upon us, Summertime! Of course, this means longer daylight hours, summer break for the kids (hopefully some "sleeping-in"), and maybe even some long-awaited family vacations! While summer break is a season that most enjoy, the struggle can be real when finding ways to keep your kids active and content. Although some downtime is needed, too much downtime could quickly become tiresome and boring for the kids. As a result, this could bring on unwanted behavior from the kiddos and unnecessary stress for you, the parent.

Fortunately, I have listed some fun and engaging activities for you to make memories and enjoy with your kids, no matter the age! (Because you have worked hard and deserve a fun-filled and enjoyable summer too!)

Summer crafts

There's no better way to beat the heat than to stay inside in an air-conditioned room crafting away! Teach your kids the thriftiness of making things themselves while feeling empowered to create and make their own games, toys, soaps, and or gifts for others! Here are a few websites I have found that provide age-appropriate crafts from toddlers (click here) to teens and beyond (click here)! You can feel excited that they learned something new and feel proud about it! (And, you may even find your teen enjoys it!)

Backyard camping

Break out the tent, sleeping bags, blankets, and air mattress! It's time to get your inner scout on and go camping… in the backyard! Some of the best memories can be as simple as in your backyard under the stars with the kids! Break out some board games or card games, make some S'mores, and maybe even tell some scary ghost stories (if you dare)! This is a night you will all remember for years to come!

Plan A Surprise Water Balloon Fight

Gather the kid's phones (don't forget to put yours away, too) and have everyone come outside for a "family meeting." Imagine the surprise (and relief) when your kids get hosed down by a water gun or water balloons! This is something the whole family will have a blast doing and not to mention a fun way to make the most of a hot summer day!

Go for an evening bike ride

One of the benefits of summer is more daylight hours! Take advantage of this time and go on an evening bike ride! There's nothing better than riding your bike in the evening with family in tow. Make sure to eat dinner beforehand and bike to your local ice cream shop! "I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!"

Beach bonfire

Summer is not complete without a day at the beach with a bonfire as you watch the sun go down. If you want some yummy treats while enjoying the fire, don't forget to pack the roasting sticks and ingredients! Some of the favorites to roast at a bonfire are Smore's (of course) Starburst, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Hotdogs, and Marshmallows! Otherwise, take it easy, sit back, soak in that ocean air and relax while the kids play away as the sun goes down.

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