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Top New Construction Architectural Style Trends

Residential architectural styles have long defined the current culture in America. At the turn of the century, colorful and elegant Victorian homes could be found in many towns across the country. By the 1950s, the practical ranch was popping up in every new suburb that was being created. Today, those who are interested in new residential home construction will find that many of the most desirable architectural styles blend elements of the past with contemporary designs.

These are the home architectural styles that are trending today:

Cape Cod

The Cape Cod architectural style has been a staple in America since the land was settled in the 1600s by Europeans. This architectural style became particularly popular during the final half of the 20th century, and it continues to be a desirable option for homeowners today. Many people prefer the Cape Cod design because it is a functional style that often includes a master bedroom on the first floor.


The Craftsman home style came to life during the Arts and Crafts movement, and it has remained relevant in modern times. Home buyers who want their new construction home to have traditional appeal often opt for this style, which features large front porches and open floor plans. The Craftsman styles offers people an opportunity to truly enjoy living in the home that they have built.


The Contemporary home style is becoming increasingly popular with each passing year, as more homeowners who are building new construction homes seek to have their homes assembled from sustainable materials. Efficiency is at the forefront of the design of this architectural style, and most Contemporary homes have a tendency to blend indoor and outdoor living spaces. Natural light is a hallmark of this design, so homeowners can expect large windows in nearly every room of the house.

Midcentury Modern

The Midcentury Modern style emerged after World War II, as there was a plethora of new building materials available as well as in flux of families searching for simple, practical and affordable places to live. Today, the Midcentury Modern style is characterized by open floor plans and large windows. These homes are often sprawling, one-story properties, making them a convenient option for home buyers of all ages and stages.


The Farmhouse style was heavily influenced by Victorian architecture but was designed to be more practical than its ancestor. Today, people who opt for Farmhouse homes appreciate their charming appeal, their front porches and their functional floor plans. The Farmhouse style has been in high demand in recent years, and this trend shows no sign of fading anytime soon.

The architectural styles that are available for your new construction home will vary based on the builder that you select and the development in which you are building your home. Some builders specialize in a specific style, while others are open to creating customized designs that are influenced by several approaches.

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