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Ways to Show You Care This November

November is here, and doing fun things with those near and dear to us and whom we are most thankful for is a must when putting memories together that will serve the future of our relationships well! But it is also a time to come together and bless those in the community with a helping hand!

Below you will find some opportunities to gather your family and friends and "pay it forward" by reaching out to your surrounding communities and helping those in need while giving someone else something to be "thankful for" as well.

Whether you set off to journey some of the following events/programs on your own or with a family, friend, or loved one, it is my hope eyes will be opened to the world around you. And discover one of the happiness's true meanings: to help others and enjoy time with those you love.

Los Angeles, CA

The Holiday List operates with over 400 different opportunities for you to help someone else in need. These include all different kinds of projects for different holidays, in-person and virtual, DIY, and more. Their motto is, "Whoever you are, whatever you do, there is somebody who could use your help this holiday season." And there is no better time than the present to take that step forward and lend a helping hand to those around us. So please click here to obtain more information about The Holiday List and find out how you and your whole family can start helping!


If you are privileged to have a meal on your table every day, it can unnoticeably be taken for granted; while not realizing the hunger crisis happening worldwide and even within our local communities. According to the latest estimate, "1 in 8 kids in the United States are living with hunger. That's 9 million children." So how can we help? First of all, educate ourselves. Although it's hard to acknowledge, knowledge is power, and the more we open our eyes and become aware, the more we can help! Also, No Kid Hungry accepts donations and provides fundraising opportunities, as well as a list of specific brands that give a percentage. In addition, they host events that can further your education about America's hunger crisis and provide further opportunities to get involved in helping. Find out more information about No Kid Hungry by clicking here.

Orange County, CA.

South County Outreach is an extraordinary place indeed. They not only provide food and housing but education! Their education program helps clients develop financial literacy and build professional skills to help prevent homelessness and increase job opportunities! They as well, have many opportunities to get involved and help! Find out more information regarding South County Outreach here.

Your Local Church or Community Center


Most churches and community centers in your local area are looking for helping hands to assist them this Thanksgiving and Holiday season. Many are looking for turkey donations and help to facilitate and participate in providing a Thanksgiving feast for those in the community who would otherwise not have a Thanksgiving meal to look forward to. It could not be possible without the help of the community. Therefore, be sure to check with your local church or community center for ways to partake in their upcoming community outreach events and let them know you are interested in helping.

Some More Ideas For Helping Your Community:

1. Knit scarves or hats for families in shelters.

2. Bake cookies/snacks for food pantries.

3. Write letters to seniors in care facilities.

4. Make quilts or blankets for kids in hospitals.

5. Craft a gift for your neighbors.

6. Assemble first aid kits for local shelters.

7. Make birthday cards for kids in homeless shelters.

8. Make dog treats for animal shelters.

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